"Meet Victoria: Ukraine's Groundbreaking AI Government Spokesperson"

In a move that is being hailed as a "technological leap," Ukraine has unveiled an AI-generated "spokesperson" named Victoria Shi. The announcement comes as the country continues to grapple with the ongoing conflict and the challenges of wartime.

Victoria, who made her debut on social media on Wednesday, will appear to be dressed in a dark suit and will read scripts provided by humans. She was created to save time and resources of diplomats, according to Ukrainian foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba.

The AI-generated spokesperson is modeled after singer Rosalie Nombre, a former contestant on Ukraine's version of the reality show "The Bachelor." Her first name, Victoria, is based on the word "victory," and her last name, Shi, is derived from the Ukrainian phrase for artificial intelligence, "shtuchniy intelekt."

According to Kuleba, the feat is a "technological leap that no diplomatic service in the world has yet made." He added that the move will help the country's diplomats to focus on more important tasks.

The announcement has sparked a flurry of reactions on social media, with many praising Ukraine for the innovative move. However, some have raised concerns about the potential implications of using AI in such a capacity.

Despite the concerns, the move is being seen as a bold step forward in the use of AI in government communications. With Victoria now in the spotlight, it remains to be seen how the technology will evolve and what impact it will have on the future of diplomacy.