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Well Sorted

At the Inaugural & Research Roadmap Workshops, the UK-HDAN has used the Well Sorted facilitation tool created by academics at Heriot Watt University.

This tool has allowed us to plan workshops in advance with the help of input from delegates. In advance of the Research Roadmap Workshop, we asked out attendees to input one idea to the following prompt; What key broader issue do you think needs to be considered if the impact of health data analytics research on health and social care delivery is to be maximised?

After attendees had input their ideas they were then asked to sort everyone elses into as many groups as they liked. The only thing we asked was that each group contained items which were related/connected/similar in some way.

The outcome of this sort determined seven breakout groups who discussed similar ideas that had been grouped together. A tree map visualisation of these groups can be seen here. Groups discussed their topic areas for one hour and then gave 60 second elevator pitched of the three most important areas that came out of their discussions.

If you would be interested in using the Well Sorted facilitation tool please visit their website here.