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Roadmap Launch & Proposal Development Workshop

5th & 6th January 2017

Macdonald Manchester Hotel

Over 50 members of UK-HDAN met in early 2017 to launch the first draft of the Research Roadmap for Health Data Analytics. This living document aims to provide funders with a clear view from the research community of the challenges and opportunities in health data analytics, whilst offering a framework for further discussion within the community and engagement with key stakeholders.

The first afternoon was dedicated to commenting & expanding on the Healthcare Opportunities & Data Science Challenges in the draft Roadmap. This input will help develop the document further and uncover any missing areas. 

Prior to the event delegates were asked to submit research ideas or problem areas for health data analytics. These ideas were then sorted thematically to create eight discussion areas which can be viewed here. On the second day, delegates decided which discussion groups they wanted to be part of and develop a possible research project for this specific area. 

The agenda & delegate list for this event are available here. The working copy of the UK-HDAN Research Roadmap is available here.